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Tires are an expense that every car owner is familiar with. Over time, the rubber wears down and the tires need to be replaced With regular tire maintenance such as proper inflation, rotations, wheel balancing, and wheel alignments, you can greatly increase the life of your tires and prevent uneven wear and chopping. At HMA, we do all tire-related services including flat repairs. Some tires will leak air from road debris such as a nail or screw in the tread. Oftentimes, the slow air leaks are caused by corrosion on the rim where it meets the tire. Another common place is around the valve stem or TPMS. Driving on a damaged tire can lead to additional (and more costly) rim damage and repairs, so it's best to have your tires examined at the first sign of trouble.

5 warning signs that you need a tire replacement

Here are five warning signs that you may be in need of a tire replacement or repair maintenance

  • The tire warning light
    If you have a newer vehicle - typically later than a 2008 model - you have a low tire pressure warning light system. This is a little indicator that pops up on your dash and looks like a "U" with an exclamation point in the middle. All this means is that tire pressure in at least one of your tires is too low based on the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Low tire tread
    Tire tread - the stubbly bumps and grooves over the outside of the tire - is an incredibly important feature. It ensures your vehicle has traction, and poor traction will mean you are slipping and sliding over the road and get worse gas mileage. Low tire tread is a clear warning sign. It could be extreme wear all around, or just on the outside or center of the tire. It can also be a sign of other problems, like over or under-inflation, misalignment, or damaged tires. Ask your HMA mechanic for the diagnosis when you notice this problem.
  • Cracked tires
    In some cases, the sides of your tires can also be damaged. This will often look like little cracks or holes in the tire itself. Cracked tires could be a sign of a future blowout, so it is definitely something you need to get checked soon. It may also be a sign that your tire is steadily leaking. Cracked tires can also be the result of direct damage to the tire, such as hitting a pothole or curb.
  • Wear on one side
    Tread-wear on the center strip of the tire is a sign of overinflation, while wear on the edges is representative of under-inflation. However, wearing down just one side is indicative of something else. It could mean that your tires are nonaligned, with one edge hitting the road more of the time. It might also be a sign that you have damaged springs, ball joints, or other related parts. The best course of action is to talk to your HMA mechanic. Likely, you'll need to have tires replaced, an alignment performed, and adhere to a more frequent tire rotation schedule.
  • Tire vibration
    All cars vibrate, especially on rough roads. Even so, you probably know when something just feels "off." If your tire has a serious vibration, it is a warning sign that you have a bigger issue at play. It could be an alignment problem again or even damage your suspension. If you notice too much vibration, bring your vehicle to HMA as soon as possible.



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