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High Mile Automotive A/C & HVAC Services

Car A/C systems are not only responsible for cooling cabin temperature, but also dry the air when you turn on your front defroster. The heat in your cabin is provided by the same system that keeps your engine cool by circulating hot coolant through your heater core. Over time, A/C systems are known to develop leaks and can sometimes be tricky to find. Regular check-ups can catch and prevent potential issues and keep you comfortable in your car no matter what the outside temperature is.

Five Signs Your Car AC Needs To Be Serviced?

  1. Your car air conditioning blows only slightly cooler than the outside air.
  2. Your car's air conditioner blows air that smells like mildew and mold.
  3. Your A/C only works while driving.
  4. You have low airflow even at the highest fan setting.
  5. Water condensing or dripping on your foot while driving.

Don't wait! If your car's A/C is working at reduced efficiency, it's worth a visit to HMA. Taking care of regular maintenance now can help you avoid more expensive AC repair costs down the road. Sometimes fixing a broken air conditioner is as simple and cost-effective as adding new coolant.

Most truck and car air conditioning systems break eventually with usage. Hoses that feed the AC unit may crack, clog or drip if not serviced. Let us service your car or truck and keep your cooling system performing at its peak.



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